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cozy Teddy
Dear Diary, after patting myself on the back for having finished that day in a good way I'm thinking about having a nice warm cup of tea. While enjoying this I wander around our nice 3 bedroom appartment, wondering if it's fair that our bed is not in the same room as the closet. By the way, this closet seems way too big. I should do it Marie Kondō-like and get rid of some clothes. But for sure I am not donating it as it only will get sent to Africa where it destroys the local clothing industry. In general I guess I should get rid of clothing only when it is worn out – but when is it worn out? I am looking forward to dinner, which will be vegan again tonight. I finally succeeded in finding a grocery store that sells organic cucumbers without plastic being wrapped around it. Unfortunately they're being harvested in Portugal. I should definitely go to a local farmer's market, they have really local stuff. I am wondering whether people buy organic food because of ecological reasons or because they think its better quality? If my ethics-radar tells me quite precisely how fucked up it is that people are drowning in the sea, why the heck am I doing nothing about this? All I do is pushing a few „like-buttons“ on Facebook and sharing an article that I – just to avoid spreading fake news - have counterchecked at least three times. How come I am still wallowing in my wannabe-intellectual problems and not joining a group of activists, or at least starting a petition? I am wondering whether the term „Fake-News“ is a reasonable term. News are news and fake is fake. I just realize that I already started 6 sentences with „I“. This one counted in it is 7. On our way to living a life in accordance with ourselves and nature, have we taken the wrong direction and are now slowly turning into narcistic psychos? I am questioning myself how much more of motive power do we need to start doing good things. By the way, who decides what is good and what is not? Cuddled up in my second hand cotton blanket, confronted with my first-world-problems I sadly realize that solely with my existence I am being a disruptive factor for at least one other person on this planet. That's how it is – to live means being disruptive.